Smells like… Victory?

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I believe I can now be properly referred to as Council Member-Elect, Position #2 for Des Moines, Wa.

Sorry for the delayed announcement. I know it’s been a pain waiting. But the race was so close that it did not seem prudent to declare ‘victory’ until we were sure of the result. You may now begin an equal number of days of celebration and so on and so forth. 😀

In this video I (try to) thank my supporters a bit. And to explain the (cough) philosophy behind my campaign and how I hope to transfer that to my work on the Council.

I will be posting updates here on how the city is doing and how things work. If you hit the ‘Subscribe’ button, I’ll also be let you know where and when I’ll be hosting informal meetings (Coffee With A Council Member).

Finally, I want to give my regards to my opponent, Luisa Bangs. To her supporters: I recognise that it was a very close election and that Des Moines (like so much of America now) is split in many ways. I hope you will give me the opportunity to earn your trust.