I Don’t Ride Around In The Golf Cart

This is my first post-election post. In the future, my posts will be mostly about what I’m doing (events, etc.) But for this first time I need to ask a favour.

But first: for ‘transparency’s sake, I’ve hidden away all the ‘candidate’ stuff. Not to be sneaky, just because the campaign is over (it is over, right?) And I’m really trying to move forward as a part of the Council and not have a bunch of contentious stuff out front. My goal is to get along as well as possible with my new colleagues.

Also: I am still working out how best to communicate with you. I think one reason Council Members find this difficult is because there are so many channels. I’ve got emails, people on Facebook, people who watch this site and… a whole group of people who are off-the-grid. It’s time-consuming just making sure that the same message gets to everyone. So please be patient.

Now, you know that I am but one guy out of seven. I can’t get anything done on my own. I am counting on you to provide the support I need to help convince the rest of the Council on a whole range of issues. One big reason things have not changed in this town is because traditionally there is usually very little public pressure on the Council. Few people show up to City Council Meetings.

But if it’s clear that when I speak, you guys have my back, that sends a powerful message to the rest of the Council that the public wants change. Your support is what is going to make things happen, not me.

The public eye?

This is something I joked about a lot during the campaign: “I do not ride around in the golf cart.” It’s very popular for Councilmembers to mostly engage with the public via ‘fun’ or symbolic events–like the Farmers Market (where Council Members zip around in the golf cart waving at people) or various parades. I’m not saying those aren’t very nice and valuable things to do. But, frankly, that’s not me. I’m just not a ‘parade’ kinda guy. 🙁 😀

I spend most of my time doing stuff out of the public eye. For example, this week I counted salmon for Saltwater State Park. I attended a Port Of Seattle Commission Meeting and did research at their archives. I met with KC Prosecutor Dan Satterberg. I read a lot of boring policy junk so I vaguely know what I’m talking about on complex things like Sea-Tac Airport. These are not things one takes selfies of and posts on ‘the Gram’.

My concern is that I won’t have as cheery a public profile as some residents are used to in their Councilmembers and that will create the impression that I’m not ‘doing’ very much. A lot of people really like seeing the Councilmember at all those more symbolic shindigs.

OK, Here’s The Favour

So here’s what I’m asking: If you see something I’m doing or talking about that you think is valuable, please take a moment to ‘share’ it with your friends or on social media.

That’s all. Just talk it up. Because this campaign is not over; far from it. We need to keep trying to get our message out in public until we get some of the things we campaigned on. It’s important that people understand that all the boring junk I’m doing matters, even if it’s not quite as visible as riding around in the golf cart.

One bonus favour: Please let me know what you think of this post (or any update I do) so I can serve you better. As I said, this is going to be a process.

As always,