Dear Applicant: There may be a quiz

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Dear Applicant,

Thank you for stepping up to serve the City Of Des Moines.

Since you have applied for the open City Council position, you will be interviewed at the Thursday February 6 Study Session. According to the Agenda, I will have an opportunity to ask you one question.

I can’t tell you what question I will ask (I honestly don’t know yet.) But I can tell you that it may well involve the January 23rd City Council Meeting which was the last meeting of Vic Pennington (the position you will be filling.)

So, if you did not attend that meeting, I strongly urge you to watch that video because, as they say in school… “there may be a quiz.” 😀


Hi there…

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Just so ya know: my official duties include working on legislation and by providing oversight of the various departments you interact with directly. But my job is also to listen to you, the people, businesses and organizations of Des Moines. So if you have questions, concerns or suggestions about how we can make this a better place for you, your family, your business or your organization, I urge you to contact me.

Some quick notes:

  1. Des Moines City Council positions are at large, which means that I represent all of Des Moines, from North Hill to Redondo, Pacific Ridge to Zenith and Woodmont. No matter where you live, I’m here to serve.
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