Zenith Elementary

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I was at the presentation for the new elementary school tonight and it was exciting and a bit sad. I -really- like the old building on 220th and 9th Ave. and wish there was -some- way it could be kept.

I understand the convenience of having a new building ready to go and I well understand the (cough) challenges of the old building and the ‘portable’ but still. The location was -perfect- for all the young families moving into the core of old Des Moines. (sigh)

More problematic for -me- is the new location. I am slightly annoyed with the idea of so many children now having to take the bus to school, but even more so that the new building is sited directly under a flight path! Who thought -that- was a brilliant idea?

I am not sure if it is too late or not, but before ground is broken, we should make whatever last ditch efforts we can make to see if -any- changes can be made to the siting process.

Yes, the old school is definitely run down, but I’d prefer a run down school to one directly under a flight path that is expected to double in capacity in the next few years!