Video: No Big Mystery

Posted on Categories Engagement

A new video about how the city can do a much better job of communicating and engaging with residents and business. Your city should reach out to you and get your input before big decisions are made. If you’re a small business, the city should make the permitting process faster and more predictable.

And in the case of emergency situations like the ‘Boil Water’ scare we had in 2015, the city should be able to reach everyone immediately.

Frankly, almost ZERO people ever show up for council meetings, not enough people volunteer to do various projects. The council does VERY LITTLE to draw in more people. They think that all they need to do is put some little note on the web site. But the council should be really reaching out to residents–most of whom have just checked out.

Voter turnout in DM is TERRIBLE. That’s basically why the city is what it is… the same small number of people vote every time. If you like the way things are? Great. But if not, more people need to get off their duffs and vote.