• Focus on long term planning

    Create a specific plan for sustainable growth and a vision for the kind of destination city we want to be. The ‘plan’ put forward by the current council is so vague as to be almost meaningless.

  • Let’s market Des Moines!

    Our town is a fantastic value proposition for young professionals and start-ups, but many people new to the region don’t think of us when searching for a new place to call home or start a business. We need to get the word out! The city should take a much more active role in reaching out to those families and businesses in order to grow Des Moines. Part of that means doing what it takes to attract a broader range of business types.

  • Renovate our Downtown

    We need a long-term vision that leverages the natural beauty of the Marina and makes Des Moines a true destination for day tourists. Unfortunately, Des Moines has too often left this to whatever developer or business happened to come along. It’s time to come up with guidelines that will encourage business owners and developers to work together to make the Downtown a long-term success.

  • Fight any expansion of Sea-Tac Airport

    We must actively pursue means to reduce the number of flights, noise and pollution. There is no more important issue.

  • Upgrade Parks and Recreation

    Make Des Moines the best place in the area to raise kids. Many people don’t realize that most programs get no funding from the city, despite the fact that these programs improve our kids’ health and school performance and also help to reduce crime! Parks and Rec provide some of the best value for money of any city services. We can do a lot better.

  • Reinstate Code Enforcement

    Keep our neighborhoods clean, safe and attractive. Des Moines has some of the weakest city code in the region when it comes to the maintenance of homes and property. This is the cause of so many properties that look awful. And unlike many surrounding cities, Des Moines no longer has a dedicated officer to enforce the ordinances we do have in place. Clean neighborhoods are safe neighborhoods. And well-kept properties are more attractive, both for you and for potential new residents.

  • Craft better agreements with cable and utility providers

    Demand more and better services and reduce the burden on low income households.

  • Make local government easier to work with!

    Both for business and individuals. From permitting to reporting problems, to accessing services, we can make Des Moines much more user-friendly. We can also greatly improve the way the city communicates with residents to keep people informed and make it easier to participate.