About Me

My connections to Des Moines go back as long as I’ve been living in Puget Sound. I’ve been a member of the parish at St. Philomena Catholic Church for twenty years and I’ve been sailing and fishing from our Marina for almost that long. I’ve owned a home in Des Moines since 2005.

I originally went to school to study physics, but very quickly decided it would be a lot more fun to become a professional musician–a career I plied for over twenty years on Broadway, with several Motown groups and many TV commercials. Somewhere in there I also found time to go to grad school for computer science. I also started a tiny (well… twelve people) software company that created one of the first Internet-based accounting and inventory control systems still in use today. It definitely gave me a good feel for the challenges faced by small-business owners in Des Moines, plus I often got to work Fortune 500 organizations and got a very good sense of how larger outfits are run.

I’m mostly retired now, although I do occasional consulting work. If you look carefully, you might still see me once in a while sitting in at local jazz clubs and festivals.

I have always taken community service seriously. So over the years I’ve been a regular volunteer and organizer at my Church, the local Food Bank, the Salvation Army, Bloodworks Northwest and at several area homeless shelters. I consider serving on the council the next logical step in that part of my life.